Eureka Solar Garden

This picture prepared by TRC, a provider of engineering and environmental services, is a representation of SolAmerica's proposed Community Solar Garden just outside of Eureka, IL. The picture is intended to represent, as accurately as possible, the project's appearance within five years. SolAmerica plans to use two methods to enhance the project's visual appeal:

  1. Planting of the largest available (8-10 feet at procurement), locally-appropriate trees on the outside of the security fence, between any residence and the project; and,
  2. Fabric screening on the security fence around the entire site.


This picture is based on a photograph taken 525 ft away from the project on the line of sight between the project and the nearest residence. The nearest residence is approximately 750 ft from the perimeter of the project; therefore, this simulation underestimates the visual distance from the residence to the project. To scale the simulation accurately, TRC's graphics design team used professional design software that relied on project-specific distances, topography, tree height, fence height, and solar panel height.


SolAmerica strives to be a good and welcome neighbor in all of the communities where we operate. As such, we intend to take all feasible steps to meet local concerns. In addition to the perimeter landscape enhancements listed above, SolAmerica plans to use native wildflowers and grasses inside the fenced area. Aside from increasing the visual appeal of the site, these measures will provide habitat and food for pollinator species (birds, butterflies, bees), which provide environmental and agricultural benefits for the community.